Dedicated Team

This model allows you to set up a dedicated offshore operation with minimum risk. We establish software development teams in such a way as to enable the client to work directly with the developers, thus achieving the highest level of productivity possible. By handling the recruitment process and operational management, leveraging our expertise in the local market, we create a pool of candidates whom you will be able to screen personally. Once specialists are approved by you, they are hired and we set up workplaces and equipment, and your team is ready to work on your tasks under your direct supervision.


  • Skilled professionals working just for you.
  • Ability to select, manage and control team members.
  • Direct access to each team member.
  • Ability to manage the team.
  • Project can be started faster with incomplete requirements.
  • Higher level of project security and confidentiality.
  • Scope is not fixed and changes are welcome.
  • No start up or maintenance costs or taxes.


  • Variable budget.
  • A big deal of communication and negotiation.
  • Customer should be ready to play as a Team Member.
  • Constant involvement from the customer's part.