On-Demand (Time and Material)

This model provides you with a possibility to pay for our services in parts according to the payment schedule specified under the contract. After we sign a contract stipulating the team roles and their rates, we invoice you monthly accordingly to the work finished and services provided.

While being recommended for big and middle size project this model can be applied for technical support and small projects that could be executed within On-Demand model as well. There is several details and limits we have defined for small projects and on-demand technical support:

- services provided only within the field of our technological expertise;
- we may use resources from the pool of freelancers to extend the team with technologies that we do not maintain internally;
- the lowest boundary to go with On-Demand model is 16 hours;
- there is no guarantee we process and execute your request immediately within the common model;
- to assure fast evaluation and scheduling you may need to pay the retention fee monthly;
- requests with the urgent priority priced differently and require retention plan included to be processed immediately;


  • Tasks implementation on demand.
  • Minimal scope and well predictable budget.
  • Requirements can be updated on-the-fly.
  • Project can be canceled at any stage.
  • Pay as you go.


  • No strictly defined dead-lines.
  • The project budget is less controlled.
  • The client is highly involved into the process
  • Minimal time block is 16 hours