Engagement Models

We have defined innovative, industrialised but flexible engagement models to ensure that whatever the requirement we have a proven solution that is delivered with confidence. Considering longevity and complexity of the project, whatever our team will provide project management and own the end-to-end development of your solution or you prefer to manage the team and processes, it goes into the one of the models provided below.


Dedicated team

Based at an offshore development facility a Dedicated Team consists of IT professionals who possess the skills that match your business needs. The Dedicated Team operates as a natural extension to your own team, adhering to your processes and best practices. This model specifically convenient in the cases where the project and its complex architecture may require specific skills and knowledge or has a longer period in gaining expertise in the context of a unique business domain.  Coupled with the above benefits this model enables clients to have a captive like environment as they can exercise considerable amount of control over the process and technology along with the senior management. Essentially, the enhanced value proposition in our Dedicated Team model lies in its ability to achieve all the benefits and yet maintaining a higher degree of control over offshore operations. 

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On-demand services

This business model is developed for the projects, where the total effort cannot be estimated in advance and the scope of work can vary during the implementation and works the best for projects which are of medium to large scale and longer in duration and where the project specification gets evolved as the time progresses. If compared with Project based model, which is ideal for projects with a detailed technical specification, On-Demand model is an excellent choice for being used with Agile methodologies like SCRUM and similar since the backlog list of functionality can be updated and revised at any time. In that case estimation could be made for each development phase(sprint) and it allows the client to decide which functionality can be implemented within the budget and update priorities to assure that the most desirable features will be delivered without going over. 

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Project based

Project Based Model is an excellent choice in case if a client can provide the specifications of his project clearly. At this point after analyzing requirements we can estimate the cost of the project, its delivery date and workout a detailed plan of project completion. The model also is ideal when the client requires work that can be provided with very quick turnaround. Likewise, a client may prefer a fixed price contract because it is easier to set a budget for such projects. Project based model does not suit well to the projects, where updating and extending requirements on-the-fly needed from time to time, since it may brake the reliability and validity of estimation and budget volume. In the case it is hard to clarify all services and amount of work needed to finish the project in time then there is a certain risk on the both sides and it is desirable to choose either On-Demand or Dedicated Team Model. 

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