Redmine Earth Theme

Responsive Theme with green color palette and top menu

  • Redmine Earth Theme
  • Redmine Earth Theme
  • Redmine Earth Theme

A freshly designed, open and responsive Redmine plugin theme, top menu and nice green button styles.


This theme is compatible with the latest Redmine v2.x-3.x. It is tested and supported in major modern browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.


  1. Download the theme.
  2. Unzip it into ../public/themes/. This would result in a directory-path to application.css like: 
  3. Now you may need to restart Redmine so that it shows the newly installed theme in the list of available themes.
  4. Go to "Administration -> Settings" -> "Display" and select your newly created theme in the "Theme" drop-down list. Save your settings.
  5. Redmine should now be displayed using the selected theme.

Alternatively you may install Themes Manager plugin, which simplifies the procedure of themes installation and control to a considerable extent.