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04 Jun 2015

Google Maps API for Android

Google Maps is a very famous and helpful service, which firmly entrenched in our lives. With the Google Maps Android API you can add maps based on Google Maps data to your application. The API automatically handles access to Google Maps servers, data downloading, map display, and response to map gestures. You can also use API calls to add markers, polygons, and overlays to a basic map, and to change the user's view of a particular map area.

In this article we’re going to show you how to work with Google Maps Android API.

1. Create project on ...

03 Jun 2015

JmDNS (Java Multicast DNS) using in Android

In this article we desire to tell about connecting devices wirelessly. You agree that this is may be very helpful functionality for almost each mobile application. We can realize a lot of situations for this feature using.

20 Apr 2015

Google Direction API for Android

The Google Directions API is a service that calculates directions between locations using an HTTP request. Service provides different parameters for HTTP request. This API is designed for calculating directions for static addresses, and not designed to use it for real-time user input.